Emerging from Portland, Oregon, performing music on the verge of black metal, post rock and neofolk, since 1995 Agalloch transports listeners to the melancholic, ephemeral, yet dangerous and mysterious world of nature, which is the prominent motive in band’s lyrics. Agalloch is much praised not only amongst the fans of black metal, but also of the more delicate sounds, mostly due to many folk elements enriched in post rock sensibility present in its music. As the band’s members say themselves about their latest, enthusiastically acclaimed album ‘The Marrow of the Spirit’, it’s the return to the raw authenticity and honesty of their first recordings. Agalloch will perform in Poland for the first time on the Asymmetry Festival 5.0.


Belgian post-hardcore band led by charismatic vocalist Colin H. Van Eeckhout over the course of years developed their own, characteristic sound based on low-tuned guitars, trance inducing drums and haunting screams. Amenra’s achievements include four LP’s, numerous EP’s and splits with bands such as Oathbreaker and Hessian, also participation in many artistic projects on the verge of music and visual arts and shows in such unusual places as cave, forest or an old church. In December Amenra will present to the world it’s fifth studio album called Mass V via Neurot Recordings, fragments of which could be heard during Amenra’s show at the fourth edition of the Asymmetry Festival. How the claustrophobic sound of the Belgian quintet will find itself in the monumental space of the Centennial Hall, we’ll be able to see in May.


The band is musical alter-ego of Adam – the bassist and vocalist of well-known Czech post-punk/noise group Gnu. The music of Aran Epochal is hipnotic, minimalistic folk and soundscapes in the style of Boduf Songs or Scott Kelly.

Untill now the band released eights 7” splits, collaborating with different artists – among others: Paramount Styles (ex-Girls Against Boys), Edie Sedgwick (Dischord Records, ex-Antelope, Supersystem, El Guapo), Auxes (ex-Milemarker), Tim Remis (ex-Milemarker, Sweet Cobra), OTK, Sporto, Unkilled Worker and respected Slovakian rapper Bene. They shared the stage with Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Joe Lally (Fugazi), Daniel Higgs (Lungfish) and Justin Sullivan (New Model Army).


Astronautalis, or rather Andy Bothwell, is an American rapper from Seattle, whose creation is escaping any easy cathegorization. The artist’s music is a blend of hip-hop, indie rock, electronica, blues, spoken word… Artistry and flow of the charismatic rapper for the seven years gained praises of thousands of fans all around the globe due to countless tours on many continents. Andy is not only a talented artist, but also a remarkable personality – a nomad musician, erudite, rockman and unmatched freestyler. You don’t have to be a hip hop fan to like Astronautalis – if you like the music full of passion and ‘expression’ feels familiar to you, allow yourselves to be charmed by Andy on Asymmetry 5.0.


Balázs Pándi is without any doubt one of the busiest drummers of our time. Nothing better describes this Hungarian artist than the names of artists and producers he collaborated with: Venetian Snares, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Otto von Schirach, Flying Lotus, Zu, Merzbow, Blood of Heroes, Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood to name a few. Amongst many others acomplishments, Balázs started electonica-metal-breakcore project with Bong-Ra called Wormskull in 2010. Balazs is considered one of the fastest drummers in the world, shifting styles from breakcore to jazz or doom metal with ease. If you are curious of his performance – don’t miss Asymmetry 5.0.

Before Party – KAFRI COCKTAIL [PL]

One and only dynamic show, served in pin-up, rockabilly style of 50s. Kafri is 200% of the womanhood, the color blaze spinning in the clouds of soap bubbles and confetti. Hot’n'cold is a mixture of hotness and unpredictability of fire and the lightness and expression of Kafri Cocktail.

Before Party – O.D.R.A [PL]

O.D.R.A was established in 2008. In July 2012 the band played as a support of EYEHATEGOD first concert in Poland. O.D.R.A plays dirty and loud, as befits a true sludge band, adding depressive doom atmosphere and stoner desert breeze. Screamy punk vocal sings Polish texts revealing the dark secrets of the Silesian capital and surrounding areas.


BNNTis one of Konrad Smoleński’s audio-performative projects, where he is accompanied by Daniel Szwed (among others, Woody Alien / Mothra) on drums. In this project, the artists treat both sound and the visual form of the performance equally. Daniel’s uniquely beefy and compressed ways of playing the drums, resembling delivering the kit blows, is faced by an amassed attack by distorted sounds coming from a baritone guitar-rocket. The four-string instrument, constructed by Konrad, is a ‘scalped’ copy of an air to earth missile, and its construction allows the musician to obtain a stereo sound. Currently the group performs, both, in its stage form as well as conducts their sonic attacks in urban spaces under the name SoundBombing.


Their influence on the modern metal music can’t be overrated. Along with Neurosis and Isis they are considered to be pioneers of post metal, the genre that was thriving unexceptionally at the end of the last decade. Cult of Luna’s sound is based on thee guitars and two drum sets, complex song structures and depressive mood. Counting eight members in total, the band from Swedish Umea over fourteen years of activity shaped the style followed and imitated by others. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning your adventure with their music, or you’re curious of what they are going to present us after five years of silence – their performance is the one you just can’t miss.


The band Dead Sirens was created in 2011, Warsaw. Band members are experiend musicians known from alternative groups like: The Roosters, Boogie Nights czy Radio Error. Dead Sirens music is explosive, unpretentious, energetic rock & roll. The band has already published their debut EP “Sound Of A Bell”. They are currently working on new material.


Deathcatsis an three-person all-female rock band from Estonia. So far, the group has performed with some renown local bands like, among others, Nevesis, Pedigree, Talbot, Vennaskond, Tolmunud Mesipuu. Musical influences range mainly from grunge music from the beginning of the 90s and rock’n’roll with a little bit of blues. Deathcats are: Kiina – drums, Luka – guitars, vocals, Kristi – bass.


Dark, ominous Downfall Of Gaia’s music is as uplifting as it is overwhelming. The German quartet was founded in the middle of 2008. First they released split with French Kazan, then tour EP, and in 2010 the debut LP „Epos”. In 2011 they released split-LP with Swedish In the Hearts of Emperors. They began from crust, developing in the way of longer and slower compositions. Now they sound draws from elements from doom black metal, down tempo, sludge, and even hardcore.


In February this year they recorded the first album “Vesper“, which includes atmospheric black metal, doom heaviness, post-rock space and etherical shoegaze. Post-rock landscapes created by guitars are punctuated by piercing scream, occasional delicacy is mixed with brutality of percussive blasts. Asked about the genre of their music, band answers simply: post black metal.


In winter 2011 Flyktpunkt was founded in Berlin by members of At Daggers Drawn, Endbringer, Henry Fonda and Afterlife Kids. In the spirit of rough german emo postpunk they have been working and touring hard since. First recordings were released in 2012 and plans about a new EP as well as a split project are soon going to be announced. By putting all their passion and heart into the live shows, Flyktpunkt belongs to the rising newcomer of its genre. For Fans of: Captain Planet, Turbostaat, Muff Potter.


IconAclass is a solo project of an American rapper Will Brooks known as MC Dälek. First album released under name IconAclass titled ‘For The Ones’ marks return to classic, authentic hip-hop full of commited lyrics and powerful beat. The project’s music is a reference to the nineties, to the simple, meaningful structures. Dälek is perfectly known to the fans of alternative metal scene because of his tours along with the stars like Melvins, Tomahawk or Isis. Will Brooks is an example of musician, who despite his considerable reputation consistently and consciounsly remains in the underground, faithful to his artistic creed.


Kaido Kirikmäeis an Estonian electronic and experimental music composer. He began as a psychedelic punk-rocker, artists and lyricist. Since the half of the 90s, KirikmŠe focuses on experimental music. His compositions are like balancing on the verge of a soundscape inspired by nature and the laws of the wildlife. He performs his works by using acoustic instruments and loops. Kaido Kirikmäe  has performed in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Iceland and the United Kingdom.


Kakaxa was formed in 2011. The line-up consists of three musicians: Kotkjuk Sergij, Perwak Myhajlo and Lewina Marija. The directions of the band’s activity are quite diverse, and are hard to subscribe to a particular genre. Their music is a combination of experimental, electronic rhythms with jazz music elements. Kakaxa is a young, active group which are willing to act and improve their skills. They want to present their music, both, on Ukrainian and European stages.


Conceived in 2006 by guitarist Carl Whitbread after the disbanding of his previous band Omerata, Lo! is made up of four ďold handsĒ of the Sydney music scene. Adrian Shapiro on bass, Adrian Griffin on drums and Jamie-Leigh Smith is the man delivering the militant vocal assault that has heads talking. Lo! have made their presence felt by supporting local heavyweights like The Nation Blueand recently snatching sought-after supports with bands like Doomriders and post-metal giants Russian Circles. Word travels fast, and the band’s cleverly crafted, sludge-inspired metal found it’s way to Germany and into the ears of Pelagic Records owner Robin Staps, who was quick to offer the band a deal. Early reviews coming out of Europe suggest that although Lo! follow bands like Old Man Gloom on their path down the dirt-trail of sludgy, noisy hardcore, the band has their own distinct, and fresh direction.


Although there are only two of them, they can make more noise than most metal bands. Electronic duo Matadores from Verona, Italy is destroying stages in a positive kind of way. Their music is both energetic and dancing and also experimental and technical, reminding work of such bands as Mr. Bungle or Battles.


You can’t be indifferent to this band’s music. Mayhem, founded in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth in Oslo are being regarded as the precursors of the black metal. Mayhem’s activity was from the beginning highly controversial, mostly due to radical views shown by its members and blasphemous performances. It is with Mayhem that one of the most known incidents in history of popular music is connected, as in 1993 Euronymous was murdered by the infamous Varg Vikernes of Burzum, his previous bandmate. It doesn’t matter, if you are a fan of the classic album ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’, released in 1994 already after Euronymous death, or you are just looking for intense emotions and being curious to witness what Mayhem are going to present us at the Asymmetry -  this show is the one you cannot miss.


Melvins is a band that ma be described through their history – forming the grunge scene of Seattle in the early 90′s, connections to Kurt Cobain, influencing the exponential growth of sludge metal with their characteristic sound… Melvins are active for almost 30 years and still have a lot to say with their music. They already visited every corner of the globe, released records for the Atantic, played with the best and inspired such bands as Nirvana, Neurosis, Isis or Eyehategod. The formation led by Buzz Osborne is in a great condition, which was proved by the 51-days tour across 51 states of America they finished recently. Melvins at the Asymmetry will perform as a trio with Trevor Dunn on bass (Fantomas) in a, as they baptised it, ‘Melvins Lite’ version.


If you wonder what would result in the collaboration of the guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi (Black Engine, Obake), bassist Colin Erwin (Porcupine Tree), drummer Balázs Pándi (Venetian Snares, Obake, Merzbow) and keyboardist Jamie Saft (John Zorn), the answer will be Metallic Taste of Blood. As says Bernocchi, the band’s founder, Metallic Taste of Blood are four musicians playing without any boundaries, performing music in a sort of emotional train of thought. It takes just one listen to the debut album of the group to understand that there is a method in this madness. Doom, drone, jazz, ethnic and cinematographic music are only a few of the many elements of the quartet’s music.


A duo, working in Poznań and consisting of Robert Pernikowski and Marek Karolczyk. Their music balances on the border of experimental electronics, noise, post-dubstep and hip-hop, while Piernikowski’s lyrics and voice is like a world behind the glass – one of its own. Napszykłat have set their individual path, not paying attention to the surroundings; they have worked out their own music language, thanks to which they became one of the most interesting phenomena in modern Polish music and have met with appreciation abroad and numerous performances on such festivals as, among others, Unsound Festival in New York, Primavera Festival in Barcelona. Their most recent release, “Kultur Shock” (2011), which features a guest performance by MC Dälek, has gathered an number of outstanding ritual events.


Nevesis, originating from the small Estonian town of Paide, was founded in 2008. They perform music from the verge of stoner and hard rock. They already played the most important Baltic rock festivals, among others, Lost in Music, Rabarock, Positivus, Hard Rock Laager, Rock Ramp, Tallinn Music Week and Spinefarm Records 20th Anniversary festival.


The band’s debut EP “Tranquility“ grows from black metal tradition; fast tempo, dense atmosphere of composition and brave dissonance harmonies. On the other hand there’s a lot of melodies and tracks have linear form with interesting, extraordinary composition. It’s easy to hear the band’s fascination with modern, american black metal scene.


Perkalabski Prydatky is a project on the verge of pastiche – a ‘party version’ of the Ukrainian band Perkalaba. Their tracks are very frequently created in spite of generally accepted rules. The mentioned compositions delight with rhythm and motion, sincerity of artistic expression; oscillate between punk ska and folk. Moreover, bring out frantic movement and dance in stead of aesthetic investigations.


Plum was founded by brothers Rafał and Marcin Piekoszewscy in 1999, in Stargard Szczeciński. Their music is characterized by an uncompromising attitude, energy and compositional sensitivity as well as mature, developed compositions in a slight melancholic vibe. The whole in completed by lyrics full of reflection and claustrophobic tension. The press has frequently compared their output to Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard, Girls vs Boys. So far, they have recorded three albums and performed tens of times in Poland, Czech, Germany and England.


Semantik Punk determine new regions of functioning and meanings of the word “punk” AD 2012. Now it’s not only a contestation of fixed musical and language forms of expression, as well as the formula for the functioning of an artist. It’s a performance which manifests the surpassing of limitations: an accomplished language, attachment to names, market rules. All that is the work of the guys previously known as Moja Adrenalina – a group said to be one of the most interesting phenomena on the Polish guitar-based scene in the recent years. This one of a kind performance took place by the way of publishing a release recorded in Los Angeles with the legendary producer Ross Robinson (among others, The Cure, At The Drive In, Sepultura) entitled “abcdefghijklmnoprstuwxyz”

This riddle-album for the critics brings portions of avant-garde music and lyrical character in almost song-like form. It’s 47 minutes of unfettered expression, surpassing its time without a doubt.

The musicians themselves say that” Semantik Punk is a scream about the inexpressible. Violence directed towards emptiness. Is is violence giving birth to love”.


Norway’s Shining for over ten years breaks every boundaries. Led by Jorgen Munkeby, multiinstrumentalist known from Jaga Jazzist, the band at the beginning performed acoustic jazz as a quartet. Over the course of years Shining draws toward more experimental approach, plays with Enslaved on tour and presents to the listeners in 2010 their album Blackjazz, soon to be critically acclaimed all around the world. Blackjazz is not just an album title, it’s also description of Shining’s music – a shocking mix of metal and jazz that lures listeners with magnetic force despite its extreme character.


Social Party is a Czech band influenced by the American independent scene in the 90s (Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, Neurosis) and styles such as grunge, hardcore, sludge, stoner metal etc. The band’s first recording endeavor was a CD-R “Kde nic není ani smrt nebere“ (There’s No Choosing from out of Nothing) in 2008. But only with the album “Zbytky našich nadějí“ (The Remnants of Our Hopes) from 2010 the trio has began to actively participate on the Czech hardcore scene, gaining only positive reviews. Towards the end of 2011 Social Party released an album “Prolomit ledy“ (Breaking the Ice). The band had two journeys abroad, visiting Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.


The Disgrazia Legend  plays raw, obsession driven noisecore with rock elements. Self-confident, they mix different influences, creating paranoic landscapes and atmospheric spaces. The group made their own style, crossing the borders of subgenres and habits of band members. The Disgrazia Legend recently published their first album, “Redundance”, in the newly created CouldBeWorse Records.


The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble is a project founded in 2000 meant to compose soundtracks for silent movies founded by Jason Kohnen (Bong-Ra) and Gideon Kiers, two graduates of the Utrecht School of Arts. Few years later band grown into a sextet and released its first album, which immediately gained attention of fans and critics alike. The Kilimanjaro music is a dark jazz fluently intermingling with dark ambient and unsettling electronical sounds; exhausting soundtrack from a noir movie completed with an extraordinary voice of vocalist Charlotte Cegarra. The ultimate sound of the night.


Coming from German Leipzig Throwers is fresh blend of hard, raw music with elements of unconventional metal and hardcore. Their sound is reminiscent of dark and climatic spaces. Each of their concerts is experience full of energy and power.


Tolmunud Mesipuu was founded in 2005 by Ander Roots (guitars), Lauri Pajos (drums) and Heiki Lepist (bass) in Tartu, Estonia. Mesipuu are an amazing concert act, very energetic and hypnotizing. The band’s furthermost and most exotic performance experience was performing near the Moscow-based Kremlin. Their music can be described as a mixture of psychedelics and the avant-garde of post-rock, punk and grunge as well as acid-country.


The Italian trio Ufomammut for almost 13 years amazes listeners with its psychedelic vision of doom metal. Italians’ music is an emanation of overwhelming sound and spacy journeys filled with disturbing samples and rarely appearing vocals. Latest double album of the group called ‘Oro’ proved that the band is confidently moving towards the pantheon of metal stars. Band members – Poia and Urlo – are also co-founders of Malleus Rock Art Lab, which is known of making wonderful posters decorating Asymmetry Festival and gigs of stars of alternative music all across the globe. Ufomammut is a band that can be understood only through experiencing it live – the Italians will perform a monumental show that will redefine your understanding of word ‘heavy’.


This year Vader celebrate their 30th anniversary. In came into being in 1983 in Olsztyn by the initiative of the guitarist Zbigniew “Viki” Wróblewski and Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek, who remained the band’s leader ever since. The group’s release was the first in the history of Polish music to be charted on the Japanese Oricon list; they are the sole group to, continuously, tour the US, Australia, Japan, South America and Europe since three decades. With time Vader have gained the status of music legend and are regarded today as precursors of death metal in Poland.


Von Magnet are an English collective founded in London in 1985 and gathered around Flore Magnet and Phil Von being more an artistic ensemble oscillating around theater, dance and visual arts than a regular band. Von Magnet developed a style they call themselves ‘electroflamenco’ being a mixture of electronics rooted in post industrial genre, flamenco and elements of the Middle Eastern music. Von Magnet’s performances are quite unique, as they appear to be more a play than a regular show, connecting seemingly dissonant elements of these two. How this explosive mix will present itself live you will be able to see at the opening show of the Asymmetry Festival 5.0.


Woody Alien is a duo founded by Marcin Piekoszewki in 2000, in Stargard Szczeciński. Woody Alien, with their bass-drum compositions, reach the realms where jazz-core meets raw noise. There’s a lot of punk attitude here, rhythmic gunfire bulleted by a raw, but sometimes melodic vocal. The band’s biggest asset is their loyalty towards the worked out sound and a powerful amount of spontaneous energy bursting from this bass-drum steam roller; and energy which Woody Alien try to squeeze out, from this minimalistic convention, to the last drop.


Zapaska is an electro-acoustic duo (Ianina Shpachynska and Pavlo Nechytajlo) oscillating around the sound of indie-pop. The two artists create sounds via traditional instruments and electronics. One can find influences of rock, hip-hop and folktronics in their music, based mainly on Ukrainian melodics. Since its origination, i.e. from 2009, Zapaska have recorded two EPs: Lanka (2010, self-release), a Translitom (2011, Waves XXX). The duo have toured both Ukraine and abroad (Autumn 2011, February 2012 – a tour with the Slovakian duo, Longital). Zapaska undergoes constant change, enriching their sound; furthermore, their live performances frequently surpass the expectations of the audience, which recognize them only from their studio achievements. Despite all the changes, a crystal-clear and authentic fusion of sounds remains a constant in Zapaska.