29.04-1.05 + 3.05.


Robert Chmielewski (festival director):

The festival sticks to the core of “heavy, guitar-driven sounds” and broadens its repertoire. Has a life of its own now. Until now it tried to be a place of premieres and still is. It invites Godflesh. For the first time. Expects to co-operate with the best and Malleus designs the art works. Wants to be a private meeting place and remains in the not-too-big Firlej. Endeavours after a discerning audience and presents the entire Wroclaw to it. Rushes forward without looking back. Asymmetry lives. Asymmetry wants You. AND KNOWS HOW TO RECIPROCATE.

Asymmetry Festival in figures

  • Number of festival days: 4
  • Number of bands: 23 projects from 7 countries
  • Number of artists: 66

Programme of the festival:

  • 29.04. – Zoltar, Oranssi Pazuzu, Zoroaster, Weedeater, Bruce Lamont (Firlej)
  • 30.04. – Kokomo, Julie Christmas, The Secret, Electric Wizard, Dirk Serries (Firlej)
  • 01.05. – Elvis Deluxe, Oozing Goo, The Orange Man Theory, Jucifer, Godflesh, Final (Firlej)
  • 03.05. – Aranis (st. Magdalena church)