Robert Chmielewski (festival director):

Last year we tried to determine asymmetric music, for the unenlightened, as: “loud, trance-like, emitted from the amplifiers, with psychedelic, decadent visuals added”. We wrote in the announcements, that “it is clear, during the concerts, that the audience takes part in the event in a very emotional, and at the same time, calm way and seems to perfectly understand the pessimistic message”. Today these words seem unnecessarily trivial. We don’t need to persuade and describe a phenomenon, which has so many variations, that there is a shortage of English words to describe them; it’s enough to say about the festival – a hybrid combining elements of drone music, sludge and post-rock enriched by psychedelic far outs with elements of free jazz, dark ambient, breakcore, doomjazz, post-metal… stop… such games are fun, but dangerous as well. WE INVITE FOR TO THE LONG MAY WEEKEND AT THE FIRLEJ CLUB. Let the guitars roar, the amplifiers buzz, and let the dust of the old mouldy sounds rise. It’s time for the new. About time.

Asymmetry Festival in figures:

Number of festival days: 6

Number of artists: 28 projects from 11 countries

Programme of the festival:

  • 29.04. – The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Zu, Bong-Ra, Drumcorps (Firlej)
  • 30.04. – Kylesa, Secret Chiefs 3, Year of No Light, Altar of Plagues, Dark Castle, Fat32 (Firlej)
  • 01.05. – Jesu, Black Shape of Nexus, Time to Burn , TesseracT, Kasan (Firlej)
  • 02.05. – Esoteric, Mouth of the Architect, Necro Deathmort, Moja Adrenalina (Firlej)
  • 03.05. – EZ3kiel (Wroclaw’s fountain by the Pergola)

Accompanying events:

  • 12.12. – Callisto, Forge of Clouds
  • 09.04. – Neuro Music Contest Final (Firlej): Jarboe, Nachtmystium, PhobH, Maszyny i Motyle, MOANAA, Moja Adrenalina, Palm Desert, Ketha