The Main Stage in Wroclaw Congress Centre

The Asymmetry Festival and the Asymmetry Convention will be held 02-04.05.2013 in the space of Wroclaw Congress Centre, which is adjacent to the Centennial Hall. Below you can find statement about location of the Main Stage.

“We decided to modify the festival space and move the festival main stage from the Centennial Hall to Multipurpose Hall of Wroclaw Congress Centre, few dozen meters away, in a place where we planned to place the Convention Scene.
We all experience difficult times. It has the positive aspects, because it is forcing us to work creatively and to continously develop. But sometimes cold facts win. So far, ticket sales are good (we have already sold a lot more than a year ago), but unfortunately it seems that there will still be not enough of us to reasonably use such a large object, which is the Centennial Hall.
We really wanted to keep the festival in the Centennial Hall complex of buildings and stay in the magical environment. From the beginning it seemed to us to be an ideal place for a weekend in May.
We believe that the decision to modify the space is right, and the move will improve the comfort of the participants. Of course, all concerts are staying unchanged. We are meeting in a few days to celebrate independent, asymmetric music”.

Fastival programme here