“Come and scream with me!” – interview with Andy Bothwell aka Astronautalis.

In February 2012 he headlined Asymmetry Festival Before Party and left the audience amazed by his performance. In 2013 Andy Bothwell aka Astronautalis is coming back to Poland and is going to play at exactly the same event in Wroclaw’s Centennial Hall.

Andy’s music is often labeled as alternative hip hop, but this description is definitely very limited. When you listen to “This Is Our Science”, Astronautalis’ last studio album so far, you will quickly notice that there are elements of many genres in his songs – indie rock, electronic landscapes, synthpop, classical music. Andy likes to travel, he works really hard to get recognition he truly deserves and tours for the most part of the year. When he travels he likes to take pictures. Of course, music is always on his agenda. Is Andy working on new songs? What has he learned from journeys he experienced within the last two years? Has he witnessed Prince’s show in Minneapolis? You will find answers to those, and a few more, questions in the conversation below. Read more