Asymmetry Convention – new quality of the festival.

The fifth edition of the Asymmetry Festival will be accompanied by a Convention – an event combining the best elements of a science conference, a meeting of the people of culture and a fair. It will take place between May 2nd – 4th at the Wrocław Congress Centre adjoining the Centennial Hall.

The aim of the Convention is the creation of a forum for debate on modern culture, culture utilizing the potential of the new media and up-to-date business models. The Convention will be a place of meeting of Eastern and Western Europeans, thus enabling the exchange of views, cultural and musical education, as well as a chance to experience values together. It will be a festivity of individuals seeking creative interactions, actively creating a new quality.

A series of presentations, workshops, trainings and trade meetings will take place as a part of the event. A trade fair space will be set up as well. Moreover, discussions on the following topics will take place: the influence of a festival on the local development, role of new media in culture, the investments on the creative industry and copyrights in the age of digitalization.

The Convention is also a music stage, which will witness the presentation of very interesting acts from Estonia, Ukraine and Poland. This element was programmed together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the directors of foreign music festivals.

The Estonian scene will be presented by: the uniquely energetic and hypnotizing, playing a mixture of psychedelics, post-rock’s avant-garde, punk and grunge – Tolmunud Mesipuu; three rock – rock’n’roll girls of Deathcats and the electronic and experimental music composer – Kaido Kirikmäe.

Ukrainian bands consist of the electro-acoustic Zapaska; Perkalabski Prydatky, i.e. a creative community, which includes the founders of the famous Ukrainian band Perkalaba and the experimental electronic-jazz Kakaxa.

The Polish showcase includes: the uncompromising, energetic sound of the Piekoszewscy brothers in the project Plum; experimental electronics and a mix of noise, post dubstep and hip-hop by Napszykłat; Woody Alien’s jazz-core with raw noise; BNNT – i.e. on of Konrad Smoleński’s audio-performative projects and a outfit formerly known as Moja Adrenalina, the noise-punk Semantik Punk.

For more information, feel welcome to visit the newly started website of the Convention under:
Applications forms for exhibitioners and all the people willing to take part in the Convention can be found there.