“Shadow man” – interview with Attila Csihar of Mayhem.

A true legend of extreme and experimental music. Unbelievable vocalist and, at the same time, performer. A kind of artist that grabs your attention immediately, as soon as enters the stage, and there is no chance for you to stop looking at him. In May he will come to Poland once more.

Attila Csihar on records, during shows, and Attila Csihar during conversation there are two completely different individuals. As an artist he surprises, scares, arouses controversies, relies strongly on nihilism and brutality. Without a shadow of doubt he is one of the greatest vocalists in black metal history, and “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, the album he recorded with Mayhem, is one of the milestones of the genre. Albums the Hungarian recorded with his compatriots from Tormentor share the same importance. When you talk to Attila behind the stage, you meet a nice, peaceful, joyful guy. Ex maths and physics teacher, father of two teenage kids, eager to discover the world, and restless artist. Attila has taken part in lots of projects and collaborations (Void Of Voices, Plasma Pool, Burial Chamber Trio, Sunn O))), Aborym, Keep Of Kalessin, Jarboe, Ulver, among others), and there are others on his agenda. Perhaps we will be lucky to hear new music featuring Attila Csihar before his next visit to Poland with Mayhem, which is going to happen in May as a part of the 5th installment of Asymmetry Festival. In the meantime, we invite you read the transcript of a long and interesting conversation with this super nice Hungarian artist. Read more