“Beauty in harshness” – interview with Johannes Persson, vocalist and guitar player of Cult Of Luna.

Ladies and gentlemen adoring heavy, alternative sounds ! We are proud to present to you the first interview with an artist, who will grace the stage of Asymmetry Festival 2013. The magnificent Swedes from Cult Of Luna!

Lucky coincidence is fantastic. Johannes Persson, key figure in Swedish post metal masters Cult Of Luna, is a very busy and hard-working man. And, with no doubt, very humble and interesting one. Great musician and composer, casting director for movies and television programs, was just about to leave for a European tour with his band mates. I was able to reach him several hours prior to the first show promoting new COL’s album “Vertikal”. Another lucky coincidence, two days before our conversation I’ve got “Vertikal” and could carefully listen to it. By all means it is the best music Cult Of Luna ever recorded. Harsh, dark, monumental, inhuman, magnificent, disturbing sometimes. One of the inspirations for the band was Fritz Lang’s classic movie “Metropolis”. But not the only one. Do you want to know more about inspirations behind “Vertikal”? How did the band work on it? What Johannes think is the reason that there are so many great bands from Sweden, and a couple more topics? Just read the whole transcript of the conversation. You won’t regret it! Read more