More stars confirm their partaking in the Asymmetry Festival 5.0!

Agalloch, Von Magnet, Metallic Taste of Blood and Balázs Pándi are another stars that will be performing on Asymmetry 5.0, which is going to take place on 1st-4th of May 2013 in Centennial Hall, Wrocław. Thus far Mayhem and Amenra confirmed their performances on the festival.

Emerging from Portland, Oregon, performing music on the verge of black metal, post rock and neofolk, since 1995 Agalloch transports listeners to the melancholic, ephemeral, yet dangerous and mysterious world of nature, which is the prominent motive in band’s lyrics. Agalloch is much praised not only amongst the fans of black metal, but also of the more delicate sounds, mostly due to many folk elements enriched in post rock sensibility present in its music. Agalloch will perform in Poland for the first time on the Asymmetry Festival 5.0.

Their performance on the festival for sure will be quite extraordinary – Von Magnet are an English collective founded in London in 1985 and gathered around Flore Magnet and Phil Von being more an artistic ensemble oscillating around theater, dance and visual arts than a regular band. Von Magnet developed a style they call themselves ‘electroflamenco’ being a mixture of electronics rooted in post industrial genre, flamenco and elements of the Middle Eastern music. Von Magnet’s performances are quite unique, as they appear to be more a play than a regular show, connecting seemingly dissonant elements of these two.

Metallic Taste of Blood are a group of four great musicians – guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi (Black Engine, Obake), bassist Colin Erwin (Porcupine Tree), drummer Balázs Pándi (Venetian Snares, Obake, Merzbow) and keyboardist Jamie Saft (John Zorn) playing music without any boundaries, performing  in a sort of emotional train of thought. It takes just one listen to the band’s debut album to understand that there is a method in this madness. Doom, drone, jazz, ethnic and cinematographic music are only a few of the many elements of the quartet’s music.

Balázs Pándi is without any doubt one of the busiest (and fastest as well) drummers of our time. Nothing better describes this Hungarian artist than the names of artists and producers he collaborated with: Venetian Snares, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Otto von Schirach, Flying Lotus, Zu, Merzbow, Blood of Heroes, Obake, Metallic Taste of Blood to name a few. Amongst many others acomplishments, Balázs started electonica-metal-breakcore project with Bong-Ra called Wormskull in 2010. Hungarian finds himself in breakcore, jazz and doom metal with great ease.