Asymmetry 5.0 is a meeting organized, for the fifth time, by Centre for Artistic Activities Firlej. It will take place between May 2nd-4th, 2013 in the Wrocław-based Hala Stulecia [Centennial Hall] – one of the most important architectural monuments of the XXth c.

The Festival and Asymmetry Convention are a project of the architecture of tomorrow, a project marking out the future of music and culture. We construct the meeting as a bridge connecting the values of Eastern and Western Europe, with the universal language of modern times – music – as its corner-stone. The festival location determines the way of perceiving the world. We see Poland as a spiritual and intellectual background of both parts of Europe.

We invite festival organizers and journalists, lecturers and debaters, discoverers and connoisseurs, producers and virtuosos. Invite unique figures of rock and metal music, electronics and jazz artists. We guest respected stars and debutants, classics of the genre and special projects. We conquer our own aesthetic biases, leave behind our hitherto prevailing tastes – all that in order to create a new culture and music.

Asymmetry’s goals are being reached via enabling the European festival directors and concert agencies the co-creation of the programme – thanks to collaboratively constructing a platform for the interaction of the audience, artists, partners, organizers, agencies, promoters of cultural life and journalists. Asymmetry consists of a series of presentations of diverse music stylistics, meetings, discussions, workshops and collaborative artistic projects productions. We create a new quality and introduce it to the international cultural flow.