Melvins is a band that ma be described through their history – forming the grunge scene of Seattle in the early 90′s, connections to Kurt Cobain, influencing the exponential growth of sludge metal with their characteristic sound… Melvins are active for almost 30 years and still have a lot to say with their music. They already visited every corner of the globe, released records for the Atantic, played with the best and inspired such bands as Nirvana, Neurosis, Isis or Eyehategod. The formation led by Buzz Osborne is in a great condition, which was proved by the 51-days tour across 51 states of America they finished recently. Melvins at the Asymmetry will perform as a trio with Trevor Dunn on bass (Fantomas) in a, as they baptised it, ‘Melvins Lite’ version.