Legendary Melvins will play at the Asymmetry 5.0!

A band that inspired Nirvana, Neurosis and Isis. Melvins will be another awaited star  performing at the Asymmetry Festival 5.0 in Wrocław’s Centennial Hall, which will take place from 1st to 4th of May 2013 . Italian Ufomammut and American rapper IconAclass (vel MC Dälek) are joining the lineup as well.

Melvins is a band that may be described through their history – forming the grunge scene of Seattle in the early 90′s, connections to Kurt Cobain, influencing the exponential growth of sludge metal with their characteristic sound… Melvins are active for almost 30 years and still have a lot to say with their music. They already visited every corner of the globe, released records for the Atantic and played with the best. The formation led by Buzz Osborne is in a great condition, which was proved by the 51-days tour across 51 states of America they finished recently. Melvins at the Asymmetry will perform as a trio with Trevor Dunn on bass (Fantomas) in a, as they baptised it, ‘Melvins Lite’ version.

The Italian trio Ufomammut for almost 13 years amazes listeners with its psychedelic vision of doom metal. Italians’ music is an emanation of overwhelming sound and spacy journeys filled with disturbing samples and rarely appearing vocals. Latest double album of the group called ‘Oro’ proved that the band is confidently moving towards the pantheon of metal stars. Band members – Poia and Urlo – are also co-founders of Malleus Rock Art Lab, which is known of making wonderful posters decorating Asymmetry Festival and gigs of stars of alternative music all across the globe. Ufomammut is a band that can be understood only through experiencing it live – the Italians will perform a monumental show that will redefine your understanding of word ‘heavy’.

IconAclass is a solo project of an American rapper Will Brooks known as MC Dälek. First album released under name IconAclass titled ‘For The Ones’ marks return to classic, authentic hip-hop full of commited lyrics and powerful beat. The project’s music is a reference to the nineties, to the simple, meaningful structures. Dälek is perfectly known to the fans of alternative metal scene because of his tours along with the stars like Melvins, Tomahawk or Isis. Will Brooks is an example of musician, who despite his considerable reputation consistently and consciounsly remains in the underground, faithful to his artistic creed.